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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  August 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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there is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". mother nature serves up yet another summer scorcher. "skycam 3" here giving us a live view of one of the few places to cool off. of course, the jersey shore. so how long will the heat last? >> and the eagle return to the link with a impressive pre-season debut. so which players stood out in the line up? we'll be talking about it. how can forget how super storm sandy gave the beach the pounding. now they get the okay to rebuild. >> good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. erika has the day off. getting your day started as usual with a check of weather and traffic. we have katie and meisha a lou thing shaping up this morning. >> still early, things looking real good on my end, coming up
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weekend like what we had, just gorgeous weather, how can we not just wake up and be happy today? >> well, it is monday meisha, so. >> stop, we'll give people a break on that one. >> that's what we're here for. we want to get you out the door on nice happy note. so you know what to expect for one thing for what you will run into on the roadways, certainly when it comes to the weather. nicole said it, it is getting hot out there, another very steamy day. starting to turn more muggy as well. that was one sort of thing that xfactor i like to call it, we didn't have to deal with with the weekend. it wasn't terribly humid t got hot, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't terribly muggy. that my friends, about to change. storm scan3 quiet as can be for now. look at the area dew point, remember, the high their dew point creeps, the more humid it starts to feel. sixty-five kind of becomes your benchmark for where you start to notice that it is turning muggy outside. and i can definitely a test to that having driven it this morning. it is starting to feel a little steamy outside.
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so when you are at 66, 67, on dew point temperature, that's when it is starting to feel muggier, will only get worse unfortunately until new cold front comes along. for now talking mid 70s in the city, 71 in ac, 63 up at mount pocono, and as we walk you through your eyewitness weather day planter will heat up fast, take us couple of hours to go from 802088 degrees under full sunshine, it will be very not just hot, but very steamy outside, as well. and as we mention, that humidity really going to be the thing that starts to keep up on you even more. today, however, expect to actually be the hottest day of the next several, we will start to see not just few more clouds, but also approaching frontal boundary move n you know what? temperatures aside, it is always that humidity, meisha, that makes or breaks you. and that is what is going to start to make things very un comfortable. >> i can totally see that, park in the shade, i made the mistake of having my sun park
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in the blazing sun. lesson learned. >> right. good morning, everyone, happen my n day. still very early, very dark out there out there and the roadways looking real niles. no accidents to report. we still do have overnight construction, you can shy one not just overnight, this actually is expected to clear it by then, this is the schuylkill westbound between belmont and city avenue. you can see moving in the westbound direction, that right lane is still blocked. so, this will be okay up until 5:00. until then, a slow down. philly at tasker, plenty of activity. mondays tend to be one of the busier travel days soaker give yourself couple of extra months on a machine day, you will need it. looking at the ben franklin bridge, those of you coming over from jersey, looking good. taillights, activity, even all of the bridges, i looked at those, all looking that way. mass transit some of the trolleys diverted resume their normal service today. you can see, it is route ten, 11, 13, 34, and 36. so that will help some of you travelers that way, nicole,
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back over to you. >> meisha, thanks. on the field and in the stands, it felt like the season opener. hopefully the eagles victory is a sign of things to k the first quarter, the eagles were down three-nothing, then mark sanchez finds rookie nelson agholor, he takes it in 34 yards for the score. eagles lead off seven-three. before the end of the half, watch barnard here, makes great moves, gets few very good blocks, and he's pretty much out of, there he is gone. 92 yards on the punt return for touchdown. the eagles go onto beat the colts, 36 to ten. >> just to be back in the stadium, to hear the fans, and go through the whole drill again, nice to get things going, nice it is almost september. can't come fast enough. it's great. >> eagles get ready to take on the baltimore ravens, at the linc saturday night, at 7:00. i know we will be watching. >> even though it is pre-season, and doesn't really count, eagles fans are waking up this morning hoping that yesterday's win, again, is a
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preview to the upcoming season. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live at melrose diner with reaction from some of the fans. what, bacon, eggs and a side of the eagles, right, justin? >> reporter: or maybe some sweet first, nicole, still bit early for eagles fans, long, long day yesterday, early tailgate, a long celebration followed by long after celebration, as you mentioned, just pre-season win over the colt, but still, fans say, they want to feel this good when the season start. let's take you now to video, those high 90's temperatures did not stop fans from filling up the linc. thousands eager to see what the eagles were up to in the pre-season, post scenes, the colts versus the eagles, eagles taking it home 36 to ten. if you weren't at the linc, chances are you were at the bar watching, too. at the bars, we heard lots of talk about quarterbacks, matt barkley, looking better than some would think. mark sanchez looking bit shake year than some had hoped. fans say looking for more accuracy out that far guy.
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then tebow bringing star power as well as a touchdown, clear fan rivas we saw from the stands yesterday. then wide receiver nelson agholor, as you mentioned, who connected with sanchez for 34-yard touchdown. agholor of course stand out college star who caught the eye of head coach chip kelly. chip kelly also making headlines, throughout the year. for his roster changes and the lockerroom stuff, and this morning, fans say, they are not complaining. at least in the yet. >> this is all of the marbles right here. chip kelly has the mayors. they're in his corner. he is the gm. he is the coach. it is make or break. now it, is either going to be superbowl city, i'll give him two years, not this year, i'll give him next year, too. or it will be bus. and i'm sure everybody else is probably saying the same thing. >> as you heard there, eagles nation is watching with high hopes for this team, as well as chip kelly. we might see sam bradford or demarco murray against the
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ravens as you mentioned next saturday at that night at that time at the linc, of course, we will be watching, too, as well. watching melrose diner, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you, we have more highlight later in eyewitness sports, get the latest on the eagles win, just click on sports. >> happening today, a preliminary hearing for philadelphia mother charged with abandoning her quadriplegic son in the woods. my apparel or charged with attempted murder. parlor abandoned her 21 year olson near her cobbs creek son last april so she could visit her boyfriend in maryland. a passerby found him days later with only a blanket and bible. >> police investigating triple shooting in olney, police shot two men, woman, just after 10:00 last night on the 5200 block of second street. all of the victims in stable condition, right now, there is no word on a suspect. >> philadelphia fire investigators are trying to pinpoint what started a fire in brewerytown. this video from twitter shows
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clouds of smoke riding from the 2800 block of master street. sunday afternoon. crews got the flames under control in less than an hour, and the good news here, no one was hurt. >> plan accused of hit-and-run put six year old girl in the hospital now in police custody. investigators say, mark edwards hit four cars and struck that child saturday night on the 6600 block of sylvester street, northeast philadelphia. that child suffered broken bones. edwards facing criminal mischief and related offenses. >> developing right now, smoke continues to bill owe from the wreckage of an indonesian plane. twin turbo prop cashing when it crashed in rugged area of papula province. went down sunday in bad weather. they say they saw a plane flying loath before crashing into a mountain. ntsb investigating deadly mitt air collision of two small planes in southern california, four people were a boorda twin
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engine saber liner jet, that collided with single engine cessna. all as approached small airport in san diego county. all five were killed. the plane's caught fire when they hit the grounds and then broke apart. >> it is 4:39 right now. there is much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jersey shore landmark gets the green light to rebuild what super storm sandy torre part. >> and chopper three shows music fans packing the beach and boardwalk of america's favorite playground. we'll tell you which group they went out to see. we'll be
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after super storm sandy hit the jersey shore, they get the okay to rebuild. now allowing owners to rebuild section of the board walk, now, owners of the amusement pier will also relocate their sky ride car, 165 feet from it current location. >> so, definately good news in progress there. chopper three over crowd of
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ooh thousand people, in atlantic city, all for concert featuring maroon five and nick jonas. concert goers packed the resort bringing business to local stores and restaurants, which of course is nice to see. the show also created dozens of temporary jobs, provided work for laborers needed for concert set up. another concert featuring rascal flatts hit the beach thursday. nothing like country music in the summertime on the sands. >> awesome. what a great crowd. >> yes, absolutely, had some nice weather, little high. >> yes, definitely hot, thankfully at least at the shore, always little cooler. >> always hooks you up, right. but it looks like bike thursday, that rascal flatts concert may have some issue,. >> what kind of i shall knew. >> wet weather. i mean, they will have no problem entertaining. let's be fair. you might need the umbrella so we will walk you through what's going to go on with the pattern here. generally the story it, heating up, getting very soupy until the next cold front arrives. because it is such a sluggish front, it will be couple
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every days this very soupy weather. so we go on out there, show you the view, very quiet. over the ben franklin bridge, all is cam, all is not necessarily bright just yet, waiting or the sunrise obviously, but i have a feeling it will be a good one, really just going to keep things very tranquil as far as the weather pattern, but of course in the middle of august, full sunshine, and still pretty decent solar angle to heat things up, after all, at 75 degrees here, it is only going to heat up from here. as soon as the sun does rise, storm scan, quiet as can be. staying that way. let's zoom it on out for you. actually we zoom out one more time. this is the aforementioned front. it is already over the northern high planes. but i am telling you, this thing will take it sweet old time, gather some moisture, we get southwesterly component to the winds flow in advance of that. that heat us up. so what's going to be very, very warm here for the next couple every days. looking forward to monday, or rather the rest of this afternoon, talking low mid 90s here, today, will officially
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make it heatwave. we have hit the 90's for the last two days, need three obviously, will make it third. tuesday we expect it again. very soupy day. it looks like wednesday as well is going to feature daytime highs to the 90s, mostly sunny today, very hot one. great pool day, obviously, but take care. air quality not at it finest, do not have any excessive heat warnings, nothing like, that but this will be one of the days where you have to take care of yourself. mostly clear, and muggy, for us, tonight, and looking forward in the eyewitness weather seven day, what did i tell you? keeping the 90s going, not like we will cool down all that much hereby thursday, friday, but little hint of relief at least from the worse of the humidity. although, as we mention, nicole, by thursday it looks like we will be dodging some showers and storms. back over to you. >> all right, thanks, katie. hey, football is back. the eagles open the pre-season with a impressive performance at the linc against the colds. i think all of us like to see this one. it was great start for eagles number one draft pick nelson aguilar, had three catches on the day for 57 yards, then
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that first touchdown, pretty nice. tim tebow also in the spotlight. he hit philadelphia native bailey with a pass to end the third quarter, bailey then went onto do well. he went to del valley, actually, local guy. finished with to up down run, six for 12 in passion, eagles win this 136 to ten. coach kelly says he likes the rookies. >> the one thing you don't know about any of the guys, what will they be like until you get them into game. that's the encouraging things, sometimes the guys stands out in practice, that's been history, then all the sudden, you get in the game, they are not the same player. then other guys that weren't so good stand out in practice, stand out in the game. before you get a chance to look at the film, some of the guys stepped to up make some plays. >> talking baseball, phillies have the day off today. tomorrow night they welcome the red hot toronto blue jays to south philadelphia. yesterday, in the final game of the brewers in milwaukee, milestone homerun for brian braun. not only is it a grand-slam, but his 251st homerun.
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that ties him up with hall of famer robin, for the most in brewers franchise history. the phillies lose this, their third lost in a row, unfortunately. chase utley actually sat out the game yesterday. there are several times we're told interested in trading for the phils long time, including angels, cubs, giants, stay tuned for. that will crazy ends to the union game sunday at ppl park. union sebastian, burr ace goal late in the second half. it looks like the union might beat the chicago fire at one point. but, then very controversial play t looks like a pass, goes out of bound, but the fire keeps it alive. after scramble in front of the net, they actually score. see it right there, in the net. final three-three draw. the union place in montreal saturday. all right, 4:46. still ahead this morning, are you renting instead of buying? find out why renting may actually cost you more. first though hooker here's a look at what's coming under ton on cbs-3.
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>> she is accused of a bang dong her son in cobbs creek woods to see her boyfriends in maryland. search plane spotted the wreckage every indonesian passenger plane t went down yesterday in bad weather. forty-nine passengers, five crew members, were on board. >> and philadelphia police are looking for a gunman after triple shooting. two men and women shot last night in the 5200 block of second street in olney. we're told those victims are in stable condition. >> it is 4:49. time for check on business news. money watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, good morning to you, jill. so, we ' hearing that rental prices are going up, especially, for one type of housing. what can you tell us?
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>> reporter: good morning, nicole. affordable rental amount are in short supply. that means rents for middle tear tear apartments are rising faster than for hire ends ones. wall street journal says more develop remembers building luxury ants, because the construction costs are about the same. but they can charge a lot more rent than housing for middle income americans. nicole? >> and i have to know about this one. wisconsin getting some competition when it comes to cheese? this is big news, jill, what's going on? >> yes. maine, if you can believe it, now is the fastest growing cheese industry in the u.s. number of retail cheese makers in the state has doubled in the past six years. even though the total number of dairy farmers has dropped. nicole? >> interesting phenomenon. jill, always interesting. >> it is 4:50. coming up after the break, another check on your weather and traffic. stay with us.
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it is 4:53, let's check on the roads, pretty early, meisha. >> yerkes good morning, it is still early yet, still dark out, there everyone just starting to get up, maybe grab cup of coffee, and checking on the roadways, looking pretty good. no accidents to report right now, still very slow moving, in terms of people hitting the roadways. here is a look at the schuylkill westbound, between belmont and city avenue. they've lost the right lane due to construction, this is expected to hopeful will he get out of the way five armor maybe later. i'll keep you later when it actually does. see brake lights starting to tap in, again, westbound, the schuylkill, between belmont and city avenue. just make note of. that will because that will start to get busy as the more vehicles enter the roadway, blue route, southbound, looking great in this area, also, 42 freeway northbound, at creek road. as you approach 29a you can see it is looking good here,
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although with that being said, not even to 5:00 yet. still, you can see, just plenty of headlights out there. so for those of you traveling in from new jersey, probably going to be very busy morning. and, the mass transit trolleys resume normal service today. see these routes ten, 11, 13, 34, 36, they were diverted, and they will be back to normal time today. that he very good for those of you having to run mass transit. how is the weather looking today? >> definitely dry. we have that going for us, definitely heating up, as women. very steamy day for us out there. by comparison to the weekends, granted the weekends was hot, but you didn't have to deal so much with the humidity. that all changes, as of today, and in fact, even as we speakment some of the dew points starting to creep back into the mid to upper 60s, right now, so will start to feel muggier to you. storm scan, quiet as can be, it will stay that way, expect another big day to feature full sunshine, and just a heads up here, the weekend did give us two straight days into the low 90s, we expect to make it heatwave officially then as a result today. so, storm scan, quiet with the
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sunshine, we heat one no problem. looking at how it feels right now, though, it is not terrible. it is just starting to creep up that humidity, so, while we are technically into the mid or low 70s at the airport, at 75 for feels like value. seventy-one in millville. let's take you out to the beaches. always great place to head if you are trying to beat worse of the heat. eight a degrees, the expected high. so even warm for the shore point, but, that said, also, keep in mind, air quality not as its best right now. so, especially through the urban areas, you want to take it easy out there, especially if you suffer from respiratory illnesses, nick like that, poo own zone today, particle pollution because it is basically like the sun comes down and bakes all of the pollutants together, and that where the problems can start. so be careful with that, if you maybe have asthma, make sure the inhale is her ready, all of. that will looking forward in the eyewitness seven day, little relief, very lug i shall frontal boundary, back
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to you. >> now a check on some of the stories sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following. philadelphia, pitches in to help it sister city in china after last week's deadly explosion. and one of the people who started america on line heads to philly with checkbook in hand for local entrepreneur. some young professionals go for new friends. check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news", we are live with some excited eagles fans after the birds pre-season opener. we'll have more on. that will also ahead, he is making headlines pretty much everywhere he goes. donald trump details his plans for the presidency in iowa. wait until you hear where he has to be today. and wild fires burning in four western state, we'll have the latest on the battle to gain control. we're back at the top of the hour.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it was fun, ya, seeing that end zone, fight to go get in. >> there you go. the eagles get their first pre-season win, and tim tebow makes it into the end zone. we'll have reaction. >> plus, the step granddaughter of actor morgan freeman is stabbed to death on new york city street. now her boyfriends is charged with murder. what eyewitnesses say he was yelling at that time. >> anarchs live look at center city here. we are in for another summer sizzler, with temperatures in the 90s, just going up, up and monday. good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. we have katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning, good morning. >> good morning, already, i
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mean, monday morning, so we will have a lot of commuters, but morning construction to talk b how is it looking in the weather department today? >> not bad at all, at least, you know, definitely going to stay dry, thief going for us yesterday, definitely also heating up in a very significant way here today. so, last two days easily hit the low 90s as was the expectation, keep it going today. today looks like it will ends up being the hottest day of the next seven, and, likely, hottest the heatwave, simply the fullest sunshine so starring offer on very warm note. we will show you the view, live look at sky scam three, over looking center city, all calm and quiet and clear, and it does stay that way throughout the course of the day, not going to necessarily stay low in terms of the humidity factor, that was the one thing that the weekend did not produce. terrible humidity, you know how that can make it so much more uncomfortable, that does start to change today. so, we are going to be dealing with some air quality issues as a resul t


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